Our Story – The Landle
The safe lifting handle designed by physical therapists.
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Our Story

With 50 combined years of practicing physical therapy the father and son team of David Hill, M.ED., PT and Brad Hill, PTA saw countless patients limp, strain and hobble through their practices with lifting related injuries.

The Hills’ innovative spirit coupled with their knowledge of body mechanics and ergonomics sparked a vision to invent a versatile and portable lifting device that would reduce the risk of lifting related injuries by allowing the user to lift virtually any object easily with proper form and healthy technique.

In 2005, while they continued to serve patients through their physical therapy practices, the Hills embarked on a journey to create a preventative solution for their patients’ sore backs. As their vision became a reality, they realized they were creating a specialty tool that was unparalleled in the market. There were many prototypes and reiterations along the way, but the Hills persevered and The Landle lifting device was born. Today, both David and Brad continue their commitment to serving others by providing individualized rehabilitation care through their physical therapy practices.


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By Nathan Owens | June 13, 2018

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